New APEX Website, New APEX Company, New APEX Blog

I’m very excited to announce the release of my new company, website, and blog – APEX Freelancer. The name says it all – I’m a freelance Oracle APEX developer for hire. As for choosing the name…. well I like to keep things simple and effective, you can’t mistake what I do!

An Oracle APEX Developer for hire

I started working on the website in my own time whilst finishing a contract with my former employer, e-DBA a specialized Oracle managed services company and Oracle Platinum partner. I was the development team lead for 3 years (we specialized purely in APEX development) which enabled me to gain a wealth of experience working for medium-sized businesses and large multi-nationals. You can see an archive of the 100+ APEX specific posts I published whilst working there.

What makes my company website a little more unique than most is that it has been developed with APEX 4.0 (Note: the blog is powered by WordPress, the rest by APEX). I’ve used a combination of custom APEX templates/theme, APEX 4.0 plugins, jQuery, Ext JS, and Flash to produce what I hope you will find is an impressive showcase of just some of my development capabilities.

So what are some of the benefits of hiring a freelance APEX developer? How do no agency fees and no minimum contracts sound? I also offer onsite or remote development, and deliver unrivalled value for money. It should be a no brainer, shouldn’t it?

Great I hear you say, but what sets me apart from the herd of other developers? My specialty is integrating Ext JS into APEX, along with other technologies, but none offer a better UI development framework than Ext JS. Have a look at the following demo of an APEX application I built using APEX and Ext JS.

The interesting point to note is that all functionality is defined declaratively. All pages share the same integration piece, i.e. an APEX tree is converted to an Ext tree, an APEX report is converted to an Ext Grid etc etc.

Of course Ext JS integration is not just what I offer. Since the release of APEX 4.0 coupled with jQuery, I’ve been busy integrating jQuery widgets using the new plugin technology. As an example, I’m currently working on an online training reservation system which I’ve integrated Full Calendar, a jQuery “Google Calendar” like plugin, among others. So I’m hoping you can see the trend here… I’m an integration specialist. If you need something which APEX doesn’t currently offer, I’m your man. No integration requirement is too complex.

So next time when you’re considering whether APEX is up to the job when scoping your next project or when you’ve been asked for a requirement that you’re not able to fulfill? Just remember that APEX can do anything, all you need is help from a developer who knows how….