APEX Plugin – jQuery Menu

I’m releasing my first publicly available region plugin. It’s based on the jQuery Menu produced by the Filament Group. You can create a menu based on existing APEX lists, attach a menu to a breadcrumb or your page tabs, or create a menu based on the contents of a custom table.

It comes with 10 configurable options and requires the definition of a single SQL query for the menu contents in the form of:

,      pid
,      text
,      url
,      display_seq

Here’s an example based on an existing APEX list (my recommendation) with authorisation and condition support.

SELECT list_entry_id         id
,      list_entry_parent_id  pid
,      entry_text            text
,      entry_target          url
,      display_sequence      display_seq
FROM   apex_application_list_entries
WHERE  application_id       = :APP_ID
AND    list_name IN ('[List Name(s)]')
AND    auth_condition_check
       ( p_condition_type        => condition_type
       , p_condition_expression1 => condition_expression1
       , p_condition_expression2 => condition_expression2
       , p_authorization_scheme  => authorization_scheme
       ) = 0

Here’s the link to the demo, documentation, and download.

And here’s a YouTube demo of it in action….

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