Ext.tree.TreePanel – Server Side Search **NEW**

One of the great things about the APEX plugin – Ext.tree.TreePanel – is that you can either load the tree in one AJAX call on page load or in multiple calls when each node is expanded the direct children are returned. In addition to the expand of each node via AJAX, you can also control the number of levels to fetch, whether its 1 (the direct children), 2, 3, 4 or more you have the flexibility to choose. The other great feature is the ability to search the tree and still retain the parent level hierarchy for child nodes which match the search criteria e.g.

However when using both these features in combination, there was a performance problem in the initial plugin release. This was due to the search being performed on the client side. The entire tree would be expanded in order to locate the search results. In cases of large tree’s this could cause significant number of AJAX processes to be fired and place an overhead on the database. In order to combat this problem I have introduced a new server side search feature which will perform the search on the database and return the results in a single AJAX call. The results mimic the client side search by returning the parent level hierarchy for child nodes which match the search criteria.

This serverside search results in optimal performance and means that large tree structures of 10000+ records are now easily searchable without having to load the entire tree structure on the client, which most other Ext implementations are prone to. This new feature is automatically enabled when expanding each node via AJAX is enabled.

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