APEX Plugin – Ext JS 4.0 Editable Grid

Update: this plugin is only available from FOEX and not through me personally.

Over the past couple of months between assignments I’ve been working on a commercial Ext JS 4.0 Editable grid plugin. The sole purpose of the plugin is to provide an AJAX centric robust replacement for Tabular forms. With this plugin you will be able to create spreadsheet like data grids in a matter of mere minutes using the exact same wizards and fields you are already familiar with in the APEX IDE builder.

The plugin will support the following functionality:

  • Read Only, Cell, or Row Editing Capability
  • Date, LOV, AJAX LOV, Spinner, and Text form fields
  • Client Side Validation support using Ext JS vtypes e.g. date format, email address, phone numbers etc.
  • Column locking/freezing capability
  • Column Header Groups
  • Data Grouping and Summary features
  • Filtering support based on column data types, e.g. date filtering is performed by a date picker selection
  • Customization of column width/sorting/alignment/headers
  • Supports column link definitions and highlight words
  • Additional custom config can be added at the grid and down to the column level, e.g. allows the developer to set custom renderers etc.
  • Export to CSV Support
  • MD5 support to detect data collisions, i.e. concurrent users updating the same data/row
  • Computed columns are supported
  • Conditions and Authorisations are supported down to the column level
  • Unlike Interactive Reports, multiple editable grids are supported on the same APEX page, Yay!

The plugin is packed with functionality whilst being simple and easy to use. The plugin simply takes an existing APEX classic report definition and transforms it into an Ext JS grid. The above list of features are controlled by either the plugin settings or within the actual classic report definition. This means that there are no additional steps to export pages/components/applications across APEX environments, and managing the plugin is performed the same way in which you manage tabular forms.

Here’s a YouTube video which shows you how simple and easy it is to use the plugin.

Here’s where you can demo the plugin in action. So if this is something you think will benefit your business/application please contact me via the contact form on my website to order an evaluation trial of the plugin.

Here’s what one happy customer has to say:

The editable grid is extremely easy to use and has saved a significant amount development time and $$$. It does not require any advanced knowledge of APEX, Ext JS, or coding of JavaScript. The plug-in has satisfied a critical business need within our flagship application which the APEX product was not able to provide out of the box. It is a must have tool within any APEX developers tool chest“. Raja Pabba (Founder & CEO, Claritia, Inc)