APEX Plugin – Multiple File Upload

Today I’m releasing the RC1 (Release Candidate 1) version of my commercial File Upload Item Plugin. The plugin supports the multiple selection and uploading of files from a single file browse with the addition of drag & drop support for browsers that support HTML5. It also provides backwards compatibility for non HTML5 browsers by allowing multiple files to be uploaded one by one without submitting the page. The plugin is compatible with modplsql & the PLSQL gateway.

The plugin supports 4 events which can be used in combination with dynamic actions e.g. refreshing a report once a file upload is complete. Here’s a recorded demonstration of the plugin in action.

You can also demo the plugin on apex.oracle.com and view the documentation here.

Finally I’m making a obfuscated RC1 version available for download and testing from apex-plugin.com as I’m hoping to gather some useful feedback before the final product release to accommodate any tweaks or enhancement requests. So please download and test it out for me if it’s something you think you might use in the future.

Please Note: using the plugin in production will require the purchase of an appropriate license.

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